Challenges of PCI-Compliant Multi-Factor Authentication

In the era of ever-evolving cybersecurity threats, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has emerged as a hallmark of robust user authentication. While the premise of MFA is straightforward, implementation nuances can introduce significant complexities, especially when aligning with Payment Card Industry (PCI) guidelines. The distinction PCI makes between multi-factor and multi-step authentication (MSA) presses developers into a challenging trilemma. This article explores this trilemma, the real-world MFA practices of major internet platforms, and the pitfalls in the PCI guidance.

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Forbes Interview: How can small business protect themselves from a cyber attack

A while back I was contacted by Karsten Strauss, a journalist with, He was looking for information for an article he was working on. The topic was how can small businesses protect themselves from a cyber attack and data breach. He was hoping to get some insight on what a new business should do - first thing - to protect its data, its transactions, and customers' info from cyber threats.

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Texas Health Provider Suffers Ransomware Attack

Urology Austin, a healthcare provider with 13 locations in central Texas, was the target of a cyber attack on January, 22 2017. It appears that the attackers were able to encrypt data on the company servers in an attempt to charge ransom through a ransomware attack. It was not clear whether the hackers were able to actually access any of the data that they encrypted. However, notification was sent to 200,000 patients as a precaution.

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